Improve Your Gear Production

We work to advance your machines, tools, and services for making all types of gears.

Cut Gears with Better Quality & Productivity

Hobbing, shaping, and thread milling machines with flexible automation systems for all gear cutting.

Custom Cutting Tools: Hobs and More

We optimize your gear cutting with engineered hobs and other gear cutting tools.

Gear Grinding and Honing Tools

Abrasive tools for hard finishing spur, helical, bevel, external, and internal gears.

Support Your Gear Production

Industry-leading measuring and inspection machines

Full-capability gear tool sharpening machines

Deburring and chamfering machines with flexible automation

Answers to Your Questions

How do I cut gears? How can I improve gear quality? How can I increase productivity?

Visit us at the Gear Pavilion in the North Building: Booth 236906!

See the K200 hobbing machine with Vektor CNC and integrated automation.

See the MZ1000 D-drive CNC fine-pitch hobbing machine.

See the KFS100 CNC hob, milling cutter, and shaper cutter sharpening machine.


IMTS 2018. Be there.

Visit the Koepfer America / Helios Gear Products booth 236906 at IMTS to see and learn about the latest in gear manufacturing solutions with integrated automation. Located at the Gear Pavilion in the North Building, this exhibit will feature Koepfer CNC hobbing and...

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Choosing a Resharpening Resource

The following article was originally published in Gear Solutions. Click here to read more. Example of poor sharpening. Note the too-shallow depth of grind over several resharpenings, which has resulted in “root steps” and an incorrect tooth profile....

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Machines, Tools, and Services for Gear Manufacturers

Koepfer America is your partner for gear manufacturing machines and tools. In detail, we are the North American factory sales and technical support organization for premium European gear products, service, and support, which we proudly provide in an expedient, ethical manner. We deliver the ultimate value by acting as your partner, rather than just a supplier. Koepfer has specialized in the parallel axis gear industry for over 140 years. Today, Koepfer America offers gear machine tools for several processes, including hobbing, shaping, thread & worm milling, deburring, and inspection. We also offer remanufactured and used machines.

In addition, Koepfer America offers Tyrolit MIRA grinding & honing tools, Helios gear cutting tools (hobs and milling cutters), and expert gear cutting tool sharpening services. Lastly, our team of industry experts are available for technical consultation and advice. Our products and services are used worldwide, and our experience gives us the edge in contributing to your productivity.

For information or assistance on Koepfer products outside of North America, please contact Koepfer Verzahnungsmaschinen, GmbH, Furtwangen, Germany.

Gear Hobbing, Shaping, Worm Milling, and other Gear Cutting Machines

Gear Production Machines

Fine- to coarse-pitch gear hobbing and shaping machines; worm, thread, and screw milling machines; rotary bur and drill grinding machines. We offer gear production solutions for nearly every size and type of gear.

Gear Hobs, Shaper Cutters, and other Cutting Tools

Gear Cutting Tools

Engineered premium gear hobs, milling cutters, and shaper cutters made from the latest industry-proven materials, coatings, and custom-designed tool profiles for high performance gear cutting applications.

Gear Grinding, Honing, and Other Hard Finishing Tools

Gear Hard Finishing Tools

Mira gear grinding, honing, and dressing tools from Tyrolit and Burka-Kosmos. Made from state-of-the-art materials, Mira products include abrasive tools for the hard-finishing of gears.

Gear Inspection and Measuring Machines

Support Machine Tools

Wenzel gear metrology (inspection and measuring) machines, Koepfer America gear tool sharpening machines, and Tecnomacchine gear deburring & chamfering machines.

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