500 D-Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Featured at IMTS 2016

The latest technology in a cost-effective design on a small footprint.
500 D-Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

500 D-Drive at IMTS 2016

At IMTS 2016, Koepfer America will feature the 500 D-Drive CNC gear hobbing machine from Monnier + Zahner. This Swiss-built machine was specially designed to be cost-effective and utilize a small footprint. The resulting machine is a compact, ergonomic, ultra-fine-pitch gear hobber with flexible automation options.

The double drive 500 CNC gear hobbing machine features a solid cast iron base with linear guideways for high-quality rigidity and robustness. “D-Drive” stands for “double drive” because both the work spindle and tailstock feature direct drive motors. Consequently, this allows flexible clamping with minimal pressure, which is ideal for small work pieces. It also evenly distributes clamping forces to the machine base to minimize distortion, which allows the highest quality hobbing. The machine is rated at 0.6 module (40 DP) for parts up to 30 mm (1.181 in)¬†diameter and up to 60 mm (2.362 in) length.

Visit the Koepfer America booth, N-6918, at IMTS 2016 to see this machine in person!

IMTS 2016

Features of the 500 D-Drive at IMTS

  • Synchronized, driven, CNC¬†work and tailstock spindles for flexible clamping of small work pieces
  • High dynamic linear drives for longitudinal, shift, and plunge axes to minimize cycle times
  • CNC hob shifting
  • 12,000 RPM hob spindle
  • Bore- or shank-type hobs can be mounted
  • Industrial PC running Windows 7 with friendly dialog programming
  • Optional pneumatic deburring unit
  • Optional Wahli loading system