Upgrade Your Gear Deburring

It’s time for gear deburring to get productive.

Koepfer America has always pushed the frontier for advanced, productive automation systems for gear manufacturing. Today, gear deburring meets productive automation without sacrificing flexibility of versatility. The TM 200 R3 is a gear deburring machine perfect for both job shops and high-volume applications.

The TM 200 R3 gear deburring machine offers advanced CNC automatic loading and unloading with a versatile deburring system. The machine features 5 work stations: 2 for deburring tools (end mills or cutoff wheels), 2 for brushes, and 1 for load / unload.  The loading system comprises two rotary magazines with easily adjustable “towers”. The machine also features a statistical process control (SPC) station for convenient checks mid-production.


The TM 200 R3 gear deburring machine handles a wide range of parts up to 7.8″ outside diameter. Edge breaking, deburring, and chamfering can be achieved for soft or hardened parts by flexibly using a variety of end mill and cutoff wheel types. Changeovers can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Two rotary magazines, one for loading, one for unloading, each comprise 8 towers that are easily adjusted to capture a full range of part sizes. This automation system allows your deburring operation to run unmanned, ensures better consistency between parts, and offers accurate control of quality.

Gear Deburring with Automatic Loading

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