AGMA Centennial Celebration

100 Years of Success

Koepfer America is proud to be a sponsor of the AGMA Centennial Celebration. We have always been a strong supporter of the American Gear Manufacturers Association because it empowers our industry to continue developing technically at a global level. From the AGMA timeline website:

Nineteen gear companies founded the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) in 1916-1917 to advance and improve their industry through the standardization of gear design, manufacture and application. AGMA has traveled a long way over the past 100 years, navigating through war, peace, dramatic technology advancements, and economic ups and downs. Throughout these years, thousands of people at hundreds of gear manufacturers worldwide have worked to improve gearing – work that has benefited everyone on the planet. AGMA celebrates its Centennial year with more than 500 members companies who still share that original dedication to advancing gear science and technology. This timeline highlights some of AGMA’s milestones over the past century. Congratulations and Thank You to the AGMA members past, present, and future for your hard work and dedication to your industry!

Discover more the AGMA Centennial Year webpage.