AGMA SRN 2016 Cleveland

Koepfer America was part of the recent AGMA Strategic Resources Networking event in Cleveland, Ohio. The “SRN” is a group that brings together new and upcoming gear industry professionals from within AGMA membership. Its goal is to provide a dynamic, educational, productive forum to help participants grow, both within the industry and the association. The Strategic Resources Network addresses such topics as leadership, best business practices, AGMA programs and personal development. David Harroun, Sales Manager, and Adam Gimpert, Business Manager, attended the event from Koepfer America.

In Cleveland, the group toured Horsburgh and Scott to see large gear manufacturing and repair in action. Horsburgh & Scott is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing custom gearing solutions with a focus on gears up to 40 feet diameter. The company also hosted presentations by Brian Schultz, President of Great Lakes Industry, Inc, and Matt Croson, President of AGMA. Mr. Schultz covered the history and future goals of the SRN, and Mr. Croson presented a “sneak peek” on his new strategic plans for the future of the AGMA.

The SRN event also included a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and presentations on lubricants, additive and hybrid manufacturing, and the global steel market. To conclude, the group toured the local NASA Gear Research facility at the Glenn Research Center to see the latest, envelope-pushing gear applications.

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