Today more than ever, Koepfer automation is the #1 key to successful, productive gear manufacturing, and the cost to upgrade is less than you think. Talk to our friendly sales engineers today, and let them prove to you why an automated Koepfer hobber will be your next capital investment.


In the video above, you can see the Koepfer Model 160 (“K160”) automatically loading and unloading a gear in just a few seconds. This system minimizes machine idle time, maximizing productivity. Furthermore, setup of this Koepfer automation is simple, easy, and fast, which means that lot sizes of approximately 25 or more pieces can and should be automated. For most parts suited to a Koepfer hobber, there simply is no better option. Robotic loading, vertical hobbers, and other so-called “productive” solutions simply don’t compare.

Gear manufacturers new to automation must consider a Koepfer hobber for their next equipment investment.

Jason Spitzer

Regional Sales Manager, Koepfer America

Koepfer Automation Means Productivity

Koepfer America offers hobbing machine solutions with Koepfer automation systems starting at only $ 89,000 with flexible financing options available.

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