Helios Hob for Gear Cutting

Helios hobs from Koepfer America offer a top-quality (AGMA “AA” and “AAA”) solution for productive gear hobbing. Gear manufacturers use Helios hobs because they offer consistent performance and are priced lower than other options. We also offer flexible stocking agreements to ensure quick delivery when needed without severe upfront costs.

We have upgraded our design, engineering, and processing to decrease costs and offer an even more competitive price. Our carbide, AA quality, finish involute, 1 start, coated hobs offer gear manufacturers a new advantage for their gear hobbing operations. Talk to us today (847-931-4121) for our new prices. Typical sizes include the following (many more available!):


Ø (mm) Width (mm) Bore (mm)
20 34 8
28 28 12.7
28 50 12.7
48 48 19.05
48 70 19.05
48 100 19.05
63 63 31.75
24 34 8 or 10

The Helios Advantage

Helios hobs mean decreased costs, engineered solutions, and technical assistance from Koepfer America. Call us today for an instant price on our standard carbide hobs.