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Worm and Thread Milling Machines

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Ultra-Fine to Fine Pitch

We offer several machine tool solutions for hobbing and milling ultra-fine pitch gears, pinions, splines, and worms (up to 1.25 module, 20 DP). These Swiss precision machines are manufactured by Monnier + Zahner (“MZ”) and Lambert – Wahli (“LW”) who are world leaders in this type of equipment.

Fine to Medium Pitch

The Koepfer line of fine-pitch gear hobbing machines have set the standard of flexible automation for small and large volume production. These gear cutting machines are rated for wet or dry hobbing of parts as coarse as 4 module (6.35 DP). They also include skiving (hard hobbing) and worm and thread milling capabilities.

Medium to Coarse Pitch

For coarse-pitch hobbing and shaping, we offer heavy duty gear cutting machines. These machines are rated up to 14 module (1.81 DP) and can accommodate a large range of work piece geometry. Known for their rigidity, robustness, and customization, these machines can be configured to cut gears up to 750 mm (29.53″)

500 D-Drive

500 D-Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

LW W1000micro

Lambert-Wahli Model W1000micro CNC Fine Pitch Hobbing Machine

Koepfer MZ120

Koepfer Model MZ120 CNC Gear Hobbing and Worm Milling Machine

Koepfer MZ130

Koepfer Model MZ130 CNC Gear Hobbing and Worm Milling Machine

Koepfer 160

Koepfer Model 160 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Koepfer 200

Koepfer Model 200 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Koepfer 300

Koepfer Model 300 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Large Gear Cutting Solutions

Heavy Duty CNC Gear Cutting Machines


Not sure which machine is right for your work? Our Machine Finder will take your work piece parameters to determine which of our machines can do the job.

Used and Remanufactured Machines

We also offer used and remanufactured machines that are in stock, warrantied, and often ready for immediate delivery.