CNC Gear Cutting Machines

Fully configurable machines to fit your gear cutting needs: hobbing, shaping, worm milling, rotor milling.
Hobbing, Worm MillingShaping
Rotor milling on a CLC

Rotor milling on a CLC

What is a CLC?

Made in Italy. Making chips in America.

Founded in 1980, CLC started as a specialized company focused on rebuilding and CNC re-controlling of various machine tools. With decades of experience, the company grew to manufacture their own gear manufacturing machine tools. Today, CLC continues to invest in developing new products and technology for gear hobbing, gear shaping, worm milling, and rotor milling machines with a focus on heavy duty construction, full configurability, and state-of-the-art components.

CLC gear cutting machines are ideal for manufacturing a wide range of part types. For example, CLC horizontal hobbers offer configurations for long shafts with splines; CLC vertical hobbers incorporate robotic automation systems for flexible, unmanned cutting processes; CLC worm or rotor milling machines provide a cost-effective solution for high-quality parts.

With multiple machine installations already underway, CLC is making a big impact on American gear manufacturers. Are you ready to upgrade to a CLC? Talk to us today.

CLC 300 CNC gear hobbing machine

CNC Gear Hobbing Machines

CLC gear cutting machines include a wide range of CNC hobbers for work pieces 8″ diameter and larger. They are rated at up to 30 module (0.85 DP) and they can be highly customized to your application. This means the machine will fit your needs.

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CNC Gear Shaping Machines

CLC gear shaping machines offer several configuration options to ensure you invest in exactly the solution you need. With rich features such as 2,000 strokes per minute, movable saddle, and tilting column, these gear shaping machines can be manufactured to fit your application. Shaping machines are perfect internal gears, double-helical gears (herringbone), and other parts where hobbing cannot be performed.

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