Wenzel Gear Metrology

Dedicated Gear Measuring and Inspection Machines

Wenzel WGT Series

Dedicated Gear Inspection

Wenzel gear measuring machines are made for precise, easy, and fast measurements of different gearing and rotationally symmetrical parts. The WGT series distinguishes itself through excellent ergonomics, easy operability, and a comprehensive range of measuring and analyzing possibilities.

Gear + CMM Combination

The LH Gear Series combines the 4-axis measurement principles of gear metrology with the flexibility of a coordinate measuring machine. These macines come equipped with an integrated rotary table and a Wenzel Geco controller to measure rotationally symmetrical parts as well as prismatic parts.

WGT 280

Wenzel WGT 280 Gear Measuring Machine for Parts Up to 280 mm Diameter

WGT 400 and WGT 600

Wenzel WGT 400 and WGT 600 Gear Measuring Machines for Parts Up to 400 mm or 600 mm Diameter

WGT 850

Wenzel WGT 850 Gear Measuring Machine for Parts Up to 850 mm Diameter

WGT 12000

Wenzel WGT 1200 Gear Measuring Machine for Parts Up to 1200 mm Diameter

LH Gear Series

Wenzel LH Gear Series Gear Measuring Machines with CMM Capabilities