Josh Eggebrecht

Josh Eggebrecht

Koepfer America has added Joshua Eggebrecht, Application Engineer. His primary responsibilities will be the support of hob and fixture sales as well as Koepfer America’s hob sharpening program. Mr. Eggebrecht’s addition to the Koepfer America engineering support team will enhance customer service as well as the company’s ability to design fixtures and other machine-related items in-house.

Dennis Gimpert, President of Koepfer America, said of Mr. Eggebrecht’s hiring, “We look forward to Mr. Eggebrecht’s continued support for the Koepfer America engineering team. His enthusiasm and unique skills have already made a positive impact on our services and clients.”

Before joining Koepfer America, Mr. Eggebrecht completed his Bachelor of Science degree by designing a project to incorporate advanced dispatching systems into a virtual suburban fire department. With this type of pragmatic problem solving, he adds a strong skillset to Koepfer America’s work force. “I am excited about my position here at Koepfer America and look forward to providing both unique and routine solutions to our customers’ hobbing and fixturing needs,” said Mr. Eggebrecht.

About Joshua Eggebrecht

Mr. Eggebrecht earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management and Technology from Northern Illinois University. In addition to his employment with Koepfer America, he is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician and works part time for the South Elgin and Countryside Fire Protection District.