Koepfer America has completed the next step in its K-Repowered CNC re-control program with the first K160 Repowered CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, which was displayed at Gear Expo 2015 in Detroit, MI. New, potential customers were impressed with the quality of the machine as a cost-effective, like-new hobbing machine, and current customers were interested to see proof of the K-Repowered package as a new option to extending the life of their existing Koepfer Model 160.

The K-Repowered Re-Control Package provides the natural solution to future-proofing existing Koepfer Models 160 and 200 for another 20+ years with Fanuc CNC. Of the hundreds of North American Koepfer machine installations, roughly half are models 160 and 200. An estimated half of those are of a vintage where the K-Repowered program should be considered by owners.

The first step in Repowering an existing Koepfer Model 160 or 200 is to send trained, certified technicians to assess the best solution for a customer’s machine. A Level 1 re-control is designed to be performed in the field in a matter of weeks. This minimizes machine downtime while Koepfer America’s engineers and technicians complete the re-control. A Level 1 re-control will cost approximately 1/3rd the cost of a brand new machine.  In contrast, the cost of a Level 2 re-control will vary depending on the amount of mechanical work required, and it could approach approximately 2/3rds the cost of a new machine. In a Level 2 re-control, the machine would need mechanical repair in addition to the K-Repowered Re-Control. For Koepfer Models 160 and 200 that are 20+ years old (especially those that have been run hard), the K-Repowered Re-Control Package is a smarter move over the full purchase of new equipment.