Koepfer automation showing loading and unloading of parts

The “secret” is no secret at all. Koepfer automation is known worldwide as a key to successful gear cutting. Koepfer gear hobbing machines are renowned due to their flexible automation. They can accommodate pinions, shaft type parts, as well as bore types using one basic automation system. The Koepfer machines are horizontally-configured and have parallel axes for cutting and automation, which allows gravity to aid the loading and unloading of parts. This reduces the complexity of the automation (less cost and easier changeover) and reduces motion (faster cycles). In the end, flexible automation provides the critical ability for job shops to minimize their work-in-progress costs, decrease labor needs, decrease cycle times, and produce parts more consistently.

In the Koepfer Automation overview, you can discover an introduction to automation for gear hobbing, the benefits gained from its use, and details on the unique capabilities offered by Koepfer’s systems.