Learn the latest technology, such as how to reduce roughing time by Gen-Milling complete involutes and roots in one setup. This method utilizes a single fixed pressure angle tool to generate an infinite number of pitches, and this tool can use carbide inserts for maximum cost-effectiveness. As a second operation, but on the same machine and the same setup, an end mill produces the desires tooth root. Consequently, a perfectly blended root fillet to involute profile can be produced for large pinion gears and splines.


We offer flexible, advanced CNC machinery for cutting coarse-pitch pinion gears and splines on parts up to 118” long (and longer). CLC machines feature full CNC capability for ultimate versatility. Additionally, the machines are built with robustness and rigidity throughout, which ensures maximum quality, machine life, and also tool life. CLC horizontal gear hobbing machines can be configured with practically any bed length for optimal axial travel for your particular work pieces.

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