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10 reasons the CLC 100-SZ CNC gear shaping machine raises the bar.
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1) 2,000 Strokes per Minute

The 100-SZ offers up to 2,000 strokes per minute for speedy cutting.

2) 100 mm Stroke Length

With up to 100 mm (3.937 in) of stroke, this machine can cut long face widths.

3) Twin Work Spindles

The CLC Multirun option provides two work spindles, which allow the easy loading and unloading of a part simultaneously with the shaping of another work piece.

4) Moving Saddle

A moving saddle allows the cutting stroke to move to the part, which eliminates complicated fixturing. It also allows multiple gears to be cut with multiple cutters on a single setup.

5) CNC Tilting Column

The CNC tilting column option allows shaping tapered gears.

6) Orientation Probe

With the optional orientation probe, parts can be automatically timed and oriented.

7) Electronic Helical Guide

An optional electronic helical guide ensures maximum accuracy and quality for helical gears.

8) CNC Relief

Optional relief of the cutting tool return stroke by computer numeric control ensures maximum accuracy and quality.

9) Direct Drives

CLC shaping machines use direct drive torque motors for zero backlash and greatest accuracy.

10) Heavy Duty Construction

See it to believe it. CLC machines don’t skimp on construction; they offer plenty of rigidity and robustness to minimize vibrations and maximize dynamic stability.

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