Vitrified Bonded Profile Grinding Wheels for Gear Grinding

Mira Ice continues to lead the way in “cool grinding” applications for gear hard finishing. Burka-Kosmos, who is an expert in gear grinding technology and also part of the Tyrolit Group, developed the Mira Ice line to meet the demanding requirements for grinding large gears. As gears get coarser, burning becomes a more likely challenge while pushing the limits on speeds and feeds. Mira Ice offers an economical approach for solving this. It also opens new doors for a new level of productivity.

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Stronger Bond

Increased Porosity

Cool Grinding

The key to the Mira Ice approach are unique grain characteristics, meaning a high-strength bond mixed with increased porosity. ThisĀ  allows coolant to be far more effective during the grinding process without the wheel breaking down too soon. Consequently, gear manufacturers can optimize their grinding with better control over speed, feed, cycle time, dressing time, and tool cost.

Upgrade Your Grinding

Koepfer America has been helping gear manufacturers optimize their gear grinding applications for over a decade. Our experience supports all types of gear manufacturers from job shops all the way to major automotive OEMs.