Used Koepfer 200 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine


Full Versatile Hobbing

Seven CNC axes with a high-speed hob head for maximum versatility to cut spur, helical, and worm gears.


Flexible Capacity

Able to cut parts up to 180 mm (7.087″) diameter and shafts up to 350 mm (13.780″) long with a rating of 3 module (8 DP).


Onboard Deburring

Hydraulic actuation base with integrated deburring head.


Quick Clamping

Quick clamping system for hob arbor, end support, and work spindle attachment for fast and easy changeovers.

Used Koepfer 200


  • Koepfer Model 200 with standard equipment
  • Universal hobbing machine for the hobbing of spur and helical gears, worm gears, and other tooth profiles that can be produced by the hobbing process
  • High-speed hob head with CNC-controlled swivel and shifting, 200 – 2,000 RPM capability
  • 7-axis CNC control
  • Machine-mounted hydraulic unit for tailstock motion, work piece clamping cylinder, etc.
  • Preloaded work spindle index drive for hobbing 3 or more teeth, up to 270 RPM
  • Automatic axial rapid traverse motion
  • Automatic radial rapid traverse motion
  • CNC-controlled multiple cut cycles
  • CNC-controlled dwell for worm wheels, blind splines, etc.
  • CNC-controlled electronic differential for hobbing helical gears
  • Coolant supply system integrated under machine enclosure
  • Automatic lubrication system with shot lube for machine ways and recirculation for the hob head and work spindle
  • Magnetic chip conveyor

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