Used Koepfer KFS100.3 Hob Sharpening Machine


Cost-Effective Sharpening

CNC hob sharpening machine discounted heavily and ready for quick delivery.


CNC Control

Full CNC control for easy operation, accuracy, and repeatability.


Carbide and HSS

Ability to sharpen carbide and high-speed steel hobs and milling cutters.


Wide Capability

Sharpen work pieces up to 4 inch diameter and up to 8 inch length.

KFS100-003 CNC gear hob sharpening machine

KFS100.3 CNC Hob Sharpening Machine

The used Koepfer America KFS100.3 CNC gear cutting tool sharpening machine offers a cost-effective solution for resharpening. This dedicated machine allows convenient and accurate regrinding of cutting tools. By removing stock material from the face of cutter teeth, wear is removed and the tool can be returned to its original quality for additional gear cutting.

Discounted heavily and ready for immediate delivery, this machine features the ability to grind both carbide and high-speed steel hobs and milling cutters up to 4 inch diameter and 8 inch length. The grinding spindle utilizes plated or layered CBN or diamond wheels up to 4 inch diameter (1.25 inch bore diameter) up to 12,000 RPM for high quality finish grinding.

Straight-gash hobs can be sharpened with positive or negative rake angles.

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