Used Koepfer Model 180-076 Gear Hobbing Machine


Automatic Loading

Load the included gravity-feed magazine with blanks and let the machine do the rest of the work.


Hob Shifting

By using hob shifting strategies, tool life can be greatly extended.


Helical Gears

A built-in differential allows the hobbing of helical gears.

  • Universal hobbing machine for the hobbing of spur and helical gears, worm wheels, and other tooth profiles that can be produced by the hobbing process.
  • Equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment
  • High-speed shifting hob head, type 8055, with 400 – 2,500 RPM capability
  • Machine mounted hydraulic unit for tailstock motion, work piece clamping cylinder, automatic loading equipment, etc.
  • High-speed index drive (8 : 45 ratio) for hobbing 2 or more teeth
  • Automatic axial rapid traverse motion, 600 mm/min (23.62 in/min)
  • Automatic radial rapid traverse motion; total time for rapid approach and return is 1 second
  • Dwell timer for worm wheels, blind splines, etc.
  • Differential for the hobbing of helical gears
  • Coolant supply and filtration integrated into machine bed
  • Automatic lubrication system with shot lube for machine ways and recirculation for the gear train
  • Gravity magazine loading system
  • “V”-rail unloading system for gears
  • Chip basket

Koepfer Model 180 Technical Data

Koepfer Model 180 Technical DatammInch
Maximum module / diametral pitch2.510
Minimum number of teeth3
(2 with alternate configuration)
Maximum workpiece diameter with 32 mm (1.250 in) diameter hob
   Manual loading
   Automatic loading
Maximum axial travel1807.087
Maximum work piece length with automation26010.236
Centerline distance of work piece to cutter
Hob head capabilities
   Maximum cutter diameter
   Maximum cutter length
   Maximum cutter shift
   Maximum swivel angle+/- 40 degrees
Weight3,800 kg8,000 lb

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