Koepfer Models 160 and 200 Gear Hobbing Machines Repowered with Fanuc CNC Control

New Electrical Cabinet

Best of Both: Koepfer + Fanuc

The K160 and K200 Repowered machines combine the proven technology of a Koepfer hobbing machine with industry-preferred Fanuc CNC control for reliability and tomorrow’s gear manufacturing needs.

Level 1

For mechanically sound machines, we can re-control your existing CNC Koepfer hobbing machine. This Fanuc re-control package replaces the original CNC control, all servo motors, and spindle motor(s). An initial visit by a systems engineer determines the condition of the machine. By pre-building all electrical sub-panels, servo motor adapters, and the CNC control pendant at the Koepfer America facility, we can ship a re-control kit to your facility and perform a complete integration on-site. The re-control package includes updated operators manuals and complete electrical documentation. The new conversational programming is based on the original OEM Koepfer dialogue software:

  • Spur or helical gears
  • One- or two-cut cycles
  • Plunge hobbing cycle for worm gears
  • Crown hobbing
  • Accelerated approach feed and speed
  • Separate feed and speed values for two-cut cycle
  • Automatic hob shifting
Control panel after package integration
Repowered Dialogue Programming

Level 2

For machines that are not suitable for the Level 1 re-control, we can correct the machine mechanically in addition to the Fanuc re-control package, as well as offer other solutions. This could range from the complete remanufacturing of the machine to just repairing the machine’s deficient areas. We provide a CNC re-control solution for all existing Koepfer CNC Models 160 and 200. Contact us today, and we will help you to determine whether your machine fits a Level 1 or Level 2 solution.

Level 2 Remanufacturing

K-Repowered Test Gear Inspection Charts

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