Koepfer America will be attending the upcoming AGMA Annual Meeting in Naples, Florida. This conference is a great chance to reconnect with colleagues and take the pulse of the industry. Additionally, the event’s lineup of speakers will make for a vigorously engaging dialogue about a wide range of new ideas.

Learn More: https://www.agma.org/events/agma-abma-annual-meeting/

Adam Dennis at AGMA Annual Meeting


Business Presentations include:

  • ​J.R. Martinez, Iraq War Veteran, Actor, Motivational Speaker: ​Adapt and Overcome
  • ​Jim Meil, Principal Industry Analyst and Economist for ACT Research Co.: U.S. Economic Expansion or Extension? Or Will it Come to an End? & Next Steps: Automobile Manufacturing and the Economic Consequences
  • Brett Smith, ​Co-Director for Center for Automotive Research (CAR): The Automobile: Unprecedented Change, But at What Speed? & Next Steps: Automobile Manufacturing and the Economic Consequences
  • ​Curt Steinhorst, Consumer Trends Expert & Founder/CEO of FocuswiseThriving in the Age of Distraction
  • Arun Sundararajan, New York University-Stern School of Business: Capitalizing on the Sharing Economy and Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism
  • John Murphy, Senior Vice President of International Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce: ​Trade Policy Update and Perspective: A View From Washington
  • John Bubnikovich, Sales and Marketing Robots and Applications​ABB Robotics North America
  • George Thomas, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain: Bison Gear & Engineering Corp
  • Amber Fulmer, Strategic Account Manager, North America: Rethink Robotics
  • Naples Mayor, Bill Barnett


We’ll see you there!