TecnoMacchine at IMTS 2016

Deburring and CNC chamfering machines.
TecnoMacchine 200-R3

TecnoMacchine 200-R3 Gear Deburring Machine

The TM 200-R3 features a flexible automation system for easy loading and unloading of work pieces.

TecnoMacchine 200-3SC

TecnoMacchine 200-3SC High Volume Gear Deburring Machine

The TM 200-3SC features a basket-loading type system that accommodates large volume gear deburring applications. These systems can be easily adapted to interface with existing basket-type systems.

TecnoMacchine at IMTS 2016

TecnoMacchine (“TM”) offers a wide range of gear deburring and CNC chamfering machines. Manufactured in Italy and exclusively distributed and supported by Koepfer America, these machines provide cost-effective and high-tech solutions for gear edge finishing. TecnoMacchine machines are designed specifically for small to very large parts.and offer a variety of options forĀ deburring with traditional brush- and disc-type tools with multiple stations. Additionally, TecnoMacchine offers the TM85, which is a CNC chamfering machine ideal for the aerospace market because this machine can produce a defined chamfer.

Visit the Koepfer America booth, N-6918, at IMTS 2016!

IMTS 2016

TM technology covers a wide range of mechanical and CNC deburring and chamfering machines with flexible automation options.