CLC 100-SZ Gear Shaping Machine Media

In partnership with C.L.C., Koepfer America announces the availability of the model 100-SZ CNC Gear Shaping Machine. This next evolution from C.L.C. includes several features that make the machine a unique gear shaping solution. Job shops in particular will find the model 100-SZ to be an extremely versatile machine.

The CLC 100-SZ features a compact design that reduces required plant space, and it includes several distinguishing features. Up to 2,000 strokes per minute allow manufacturers to minimize processing time. The CLC 100-SZ has a long 100 mm (3.937”) stroke length, which allows wide part faces to be cut. Additionally, this gear shaper includes a standard movable saddle. This combined with the machine’s long stroke allows an extremely wide range of fixturing solution possibilities.

Two optional features are offered. First, electronic guide and relief allow easy helical cutting and crowning. Second, orientation probing can programmatically provide automatic timing of part features, such as missing teeth or the alignment of multiple gears on the same blank. The probing option maximizes this machine’s capabilities to handle numerous work piece configurations.

Similar to other CLC gear shaping machines, this model features Fanuc 31i CNC. Heavy-duty construction provides rigid mounting and extended machine life. Additionally, this model features a direct drive torque motor work table and cutter spindle for ultimate accuracy. Lastly, a cast iron shaping head and column provide superior vibration dampening characteristics.

Considering the above features such as a fast stroking speed, long stroke length, movable saddle, and orientation probing, the CLC Model 100-SZ CNC Gear Shaping Machine offers exceptional flexibility and capability.