We Resharpen Your Gear Cutting Tools

Expert sharpening, stripping, and recoating of hobs, milling cutters, and shaper cutters.
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Precision Gear Tool Service

Our hob sharpening service takes your gear tools to the next level. We are the experts, the people who truly understand hob sharpening because we are the people who build the tools and machines that sharpen the tools.

Quick Delivery

Tools are sharpened in 3–5 days with rush options available, and we offer pickup and hand-delivery within 100 miles of South Elgin, IL (e.g. Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Rockford).

CNC Hob Sharpening

We sharpen all your gear tools on a Koepfer America Model KFS CNC gear tool sharpening machine. These machines provide the highest quality grinding due to their premium components, rigidity, and expertly designed software


Large or small, bore- or shank-type, HSS or carbide, straight- or helical-gash — we can sharpen nearly any gear cutting tool including hobs, milling cutters, and shaper cutters.

Precision Inspection

Our hob sharpening service is fully supported with an in-house Wenzel WGT 280 dedicated CNC gear tool inspection machine. This helps ensure each tool is returned to its original quality after sharpening.


Maintain original tool quality and metallurgical integrity


Koepfer craftsmanship from our South Elgin, IL facility


Sharpening up to AGMA AAA quality


Wet grinding with free-cutting CBN and diamond wheels eliminates micro cracking caused by excessive heat and provides excellent surface finish


Certification available to AGMA or DIN specifications using our state-of-the-art Wenzel CNC inspection machine


CNC-controlled crown dressing of vitrified wheels for helical gash hobs


Rush service is available


Straight gash, helical gash, or shank type tools up to 35 degrees of gash lead


Capacity of 10.000 inch diameter and 12.000 inch length


Shaper cutter sharpening up to 8.000 inch diameter


High speed steel or carbide materials


Stripping of high speed steel and carbide tools can be provided


We can provide AlCrN, TiAlN, or other advanced coatings


Hand pickup and delivery is available


Base prices are as follows. Tool types not listed and large tools are subject to additional charges. Discounts available for large volume orders.


  • Expert recoating and stripping by Oerlikon Balzers or Eifeler Coatings
  • HSS or carbide
  • TiN, AlCrN, TiAlN, and other advanced coatings for up to 30% improved tool life
  • 3 – 5 day turnaround

Full Analytical Inspection

  • Full analytical inspection on a Wenzel WGT 280 dedicated CNC gear tool measuring machine
  • Graphical certification of gash lead, tooth rake, gash spacing, tooth spacing, and more
  • Certification to AGMA or DIN standards
  • Additional $50 setup charge for new tools



Local pickup and hand-delivery available.


Contact us for more information.

Expert Sharpening

Personal sharpening and recoating service at an affordable price.