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Ra-Cut Hob

On the left is shown a Ra-Cut hob. Note the increased number of flutes (gashes).

Traditional Hob

On the right is shown a traditional hob.


These Helios hobs offer a new level of performance optimization for gear manufacturers for fine-pitch carbide hobs. With up to double the number of gashes compared to traditional carbide hobs, Ra-Cut hobs offer an increased range of “speeds and feeds” to balance tool life, parts-per-sharpening, and throughput. With all other machining parameters equal, the use of these hobs provides decreased cutting load per tooth during the hobbing process. By switching your fine-pitch carbide hobs to Helios Ra-Cut hobs, you may increase feed rates, which offers increased bottom-line productivity.

Finish Quality

Due to these hobs’ increased number of flutes, more generating “flats” are cut to produce a tooth profile. By keeping all other machining parameters equal, this difference leads to improved surface quality. On the gear tooth surface, these hobs will generate up to double the number of feed scallops over the same area, meaning each scallop is smaller and less severe. When used for finish hobbing or re-hobbing (skiving), Ra-Cut hobs expand the quality capabilities of your hobbing machine.


Increased Productivity


Ra-Cut hobs are currently only available in carbide material for fine-pitch tools. Due to the proprietary manufacturing technique, these hobs are limited to a maximum outside diameter and width of approximately 28 mm (1.102″). Standard metric and inch bores can be specified, such as 8 mm, 10 mm, and 1/2″. Ultra-fine-pitch hobs are also possible. Depending on specified geometry, these hobs can also be manufactured with bore- and face-type keyways.

Ra-Cut Hob

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